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SERVPRO Brings Richmond, Berea, Stanford, Stanton, and Mt. Vernon Cleaning Tips for Your Holiday Season

11/27/2017 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties, we know that cleaning can be a real mess. There’s cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids who are off school, visiting family members (including in-laws) –it’s a recipe for disaster. While SERVPRO can’t take your hovering mother-in-law off your hands, we can help with the cleaning. Here’s a list of some helpful hints to make that to-do list a little easier:

  • Make a list!
  • Prioritize the list and see what MUST be done first.
  • Think about what your visitors will see the most often: Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Living Room.

We hope these tips help, but if you’re in over your head with all that must be done, call the professionals at (859) 623-0000. We’re here to help make those holiday stresses much less!

From Carpets to Catastrophes: SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties is here to help.

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

Everyone knows the famous SERVPRO green truck. When you have an emergency –it’s the one you remember: fire, water, and mold! But, did you know all the services we offer. And, that we do free estimates. Here at SERVPRO® of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties we have a full range of services you, or your business, could need in the future, or even right now. Some of them include:

- Crime Scene, Biohazard and Vandalism Cleanup

- Odor Identification and Deodorization

-Upholstery and Drapes

-Contents Claim Inventory Service

The services mentioned above are just a few of the cleaning needs we offer. From carpets to catastrophes, SERVPRO is here to help.

Residents of Richmond, Berea, Stanford, and Mt. Vernon, call SERVPRO today for a free estimate! We will make it “Like it never even happened.”

There’s clean and then there’s SERVPRO Clean!

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

For carpet cleaning, deodorization, and more: call SERVPRO today!

Summer is the time for vacation, pool days, and spending time with your family. There’s one thing no one wants to be stuck inside doing on these glorious summer days: cleaning. Did you know that SERVPRO is not only a premier specialist in fire, water, and mold cleanup – but has a variety of carpet cleaning services available. We have crew with the top training and state-of-the-art professional equipment that does a top job. SERVPRO offers different carpet care options depending on the soil level of your carpet, so there’s an option for everyone. We know stains, and we will take time to explain:

  • soil protection benefits
  • the increase of good indoor air quality with a clean carpet
  • the positive effects of frequent vacuuming on your carpet’s appearance

Another aspect to keep in mind is if you’re selling or buying a home. Real estate agents call SERVPRO to handle:

  • air duct cleanings
  • carpet and upholstery, drapes, and blinds
  • odor identification
  • deodorization

Residents and real estate agents of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties don’t let your house or business go without a SERVPRO clean treatment!

Spring Cleaning – How clean is your home’s HVAC system?

4/5/2016 (Permalink)

As a company specializing in cleaning services of all types and sizes, SERVPRO of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties finds that one of the most overlooked aspects of a clean home is the HVAC system and vents.  Have you ever thought to yourself…I wonder what is in my vents?  It’s a good question.  If you’ve never had your system cleaned before, then consider these benefits…

From the National Air Duct Cleaners Association:

Indoor Air Quality.  In a typical six room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is generated annually just through every day living!  That’s potentially 40 pounds of dust covering the inside of your system and being recirculated through your home every year.

Respiratory Issues and Allergies.  Think of all of the cleaning products, chemicals, dander, etc. present in your home each day.  Those particles are circulated on average 5-7 times per day.  These contaminants could build up in the duct work.  While this doesn’t necessarily mean your system is unhealthy, the buildup and recirculation of these contaminants could pose serious health problems to those with allergies or respiratory and/or autoimmune disorders.

Energy Savings.  According the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used to cool or heat a home is wasted.  Contaminant build up inside the system over time causes the unit to work harder and can ultimately shorten the life of your system.  With a clean system, the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature which leads to less energy being used and greater cost effectiveness.

If you haven’t had your HVAC system cleaned for some time – or ever – consider using the professional services of SERVPRO of Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard, & Lincoln Counties.  Our experienced team can provide you with an affordable quote to have your entire system cleaned and fogged with an EPA registered disinfectant.  Having a clean system is a great way to promote healthy air quality in your home and lower energy costs each month.  Sounds like a great way to kick off your spring cleaning!